Our Philosophy

Safety first with continuous improvement and rentlessly testing!

Top athletes

Top freediving athletes has proven our quality in numerous world records and with numerous world championships medals….and still counting.


We have never failed to deliver. Sometimes it has taken time and efforts but always we have eventually succeeded!


Our products ships globally every Monday. No matter if it rains or shines outside.

Our Wrist Lanyard

The result of more than decade product development.

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Our Belt Lanyard

No hassle with a tough connection to the diving rope.

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Lanyard Accessories

Want to update your old lanyard? Check out our accessories!

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The FreeXperience mini (noseclip)

The FreeXperience mini-noseclip under the mask and to the pool activities.


Polyamide noseclip

Light and tough. Stays put.


Titanium Nose clip

Toughest noseclip in the world? And still beautiful and sleek.


High quality ORCATORCHES

Mask light, hand light, lanyard stopper light. Lights for all kinds of purposes.

Freediving - The book of Freediving

The most comprehensive and best freediving book on the planet. Covers everything you need to know about freediving. Great for beginners and advances freedivers; suitable for freediving students and instructors.

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