The use of freediving lanyards in the 'modern freediving era' is believed to have begun at the Ibiza AIDA World Championships Competition in 2001. It marked the first instance in freediving competitions where all participants were required to use a lanyard!

Ibiza 2001 training day
Ibiza 2001 training day

Ibiza 2001 competition boat
Ibiza 2001 competition boat

Ibiza 2001 competition dive
Ibiza 2001 competition ropes

Ibiza 2001
Ibiza 2001 transportation

Back then, all freediving lanyards were homemade, which made them quite unsafe. Lack of oversight on materials, quality control, and assurance. Like with any new sport, testing the product in action can lead to accidents. Look at the evolution of rock climbing gear. Test, fail, adjust, iterate.

Towards the quality

In 2007 I was questioning the absence of commercial lanyards and their persistent lack of safety. Without standardized manufacturing, basic testing, and rigorous testing procedures, safe lanyards are impossible. This poses a risk to our community and friends.

Therefore, I chose to craft a lanyard that undergoes rigorous testing and follows a standardized manufacturing process. I embrace an engineering mindset to ensure unparalleled quality and safety in every product. 

Improments with versions

The first version I created came after several trials for myself, and my freediving friends. This version was under the X-Ocean brand. Best production practices, materials, and ideas of that first version were borrowed from surfing leashes. The surfing industry had decades of solid product testing and design we wanted to learn from. I realized freediving lanyards were used in similar conditions. 

From 2010 to 2012, my lanyards were crafted under the Breatheology brand, with Stig Severinsen, a skilled world champion freediver, lending his brand name to the products.

Next, I aimed to distribute lanyards to the Asian markets as freediving began thriving there, influenced by Jean-Pol Francois, a prominent figure in the sport. I designed a lanyard for his company, Freediving Planet.

Lanyard versions

FreeXperience is born!

Following that, I chose to join the market as a self-sufficient producer after refining lanyards and test methods continuously for over 15 years. I consider freediving to be a cost-effective sport that offers a pleasant experience for many. 

I named my indie brand 'FreeXperience', inspired by 'Freediving with Experience'. Dive into the ocean with focus and presence. Master these concepts, unlock new experiences. 'FreeXperience' products empower all freedivers. 

Today I am still the sole lanyard manufacturer dedicated to safety through ongoing test method development and transparent publication of results.

Also multiple brands have entered the freediving market with their lanyards, contributing positively to the industry's growth, design enhancements, and safety standards. 


FreeXperience explores cutting-edge products that are yet to be conceived. Embrace 3D manufacturing, push boundaries, and pioneer new materials.

The original principle persists in our journey ahead: Kaizen - a Continuous Improvement from Lean Methodology. We remain keen on enhancing our products for greater safety and excellence.

Kimmo Lahtinen

Kimmo Lahtinen 2024
Freediving Instructor Trainer & Freediving Competition Judge Instructor