Freediving - The book of freediving

The most comprehensive and best freediving book on the planet. Covers everything you need to know about freediving. Great for beginners and advanced freedivers; suitable for freediving students and instructors. Includes chapters on freediving hysiology, nutrition, psychology, competitions, and much more, along with beautiful illustrations. One hundred fifty pages of important and interesting information related to


Kimmo Lahtinen

Finnish navy diver 1989 (-2010)

CMAS scuba instructor 1991-

AIDA education committee 2005–2009

AIDA president 2010–2016. Freediving
qualifications: AIDA instructor trainer and AIDA AI judge instructor. 
Owner of the FreeXperience company.

Simo Kurra

AIDA education committee 2007–2009

The “father” of AIDA ITC
systems: EOS, CARS, JOS, AAT.

Freediving qualifications: AIDA instructor trainer.

Ari Nissinen

D.Sc. (Tech) and freediver.

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